About Us:
In the mid 90's Trooper Jeff Galm, Jimmy Talleur and friends from the NY State Police Troop K began getting together the first Friday in February at a ski mountain for what started out as just a fun day of skiing, racing, and a bit of libation after.  Some of those years we would get anywhere between 3 and 15 people.  One year, it was just Jeff and Jimmy in the rain.  

As more people became interested, Jimmy started raffling off the contents of his liquor cabinet to help pay for the food at the after skiing festivities.

Then, in 1998, Jeff's wife Barb was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Jeff formed the Troop K MS Walking Team.  The MS walk raises money to help fund research to search for a cure.

As more of Jeff's friends wanted to join us for the Troop K ski day, Jimmy's brother Senior Investigator Gus Talleur suggested that they take the money from the raffle and give it to the MS Society.  Then things really took off.  Melissa McMorris sent out letters to ski areas requesting lift tickets for a raffle and they came through, as did other shops and restaurants.

In 2002, the name of the event was changed to "Skis, Boards and Badges" and opened up to all law enforcement agencies, their friends and families in NY, NJ, CT, and MA.  Now - any and all law enforcement is welcome. Regardless of state, jurisdiction or unit. 

The turn out has been wonderful and the participants generous.  The event continues to grow each year. The staff also grew with the addition of Rob Torre who was able to assist in obtaining prizes and gaining support for our day!

See you on the slopes!
The Skis Boards and Badges organizing committee